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       Shanghai Shengeng Agricultural Development Co., originally Shanghai Long March Vegetable Seed Company founded in 1985, is a leader in seed breeding, production, and promotion. We focus on high-quality cruciferous vegetables, including Bok Choy, Cauliflower, and Cabbage. Our expert team of 45, with 9 holding advanced agricultural related degrees, has earned us the Shanghai Scientific and Technological Progress second prize and ISO9001 certification.

       Our cutting-edge R&D base in Jiading District, Shanghai, covers 22.74 acres and boasts modern facilities like an artificial climate chamber and a germplasm bank. We also oversee seed production across 1021.37 acres in Jiangsu, Gansu, and Yunnan provinces. We've conserved over 12,000 breeding materials and developed 31 unique varieties, with nine holding intellectual property rights.

       Our main products are green vegetables and cauliflower seeds. Our Bok Choy seeds, accounting for over 30% of the national market, promote cultivation on roughly 82,368.5 acres, making us China's top supplier. In cauliflower, our research has led to varieties promoting over 16,500 acres of planting annually, solidifying our national reputation for excellence.

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